Pickled Green Mustard (Jruk Spey)

Rice Water
  1. For this part you are going to need about 6 liters of water that you used to wash your rice... this part right here is crucial because it gives the mustard green amazing flavor, do not throw the water away when preparing fro this recipe.
  2. The pickled green mustard will be ready to eat in about 7 days.
  3. Have the water boiling, then add in 1.2 cup of salt
  4. Add in 1 tbsp of sugar
  5. Wash the green mustard thoroughly, then add in all of the hot water
  6. After you pour in the water let it cool for 10 - 15 minutes
  7. Then transfer the mustard greens to a jar make sure there just enough to fit the greens
  8. Once its full put two sticks to prevent the greens from retaining air, and you are done!

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